What is the Season Projector?

The Season Projector is a tool that builds team projections for your fantasy football league. Want to know who had the best draft - the Season Projector is the solution for you.

The Season Projector uses your league settings to determine roster settings and point settings. Based on your roster and scoring system, the projection tools determines season long point totals for every player on your team. It then uses those season projections to determine starters / reserves for your team based on your league roster settings. The Season Projector tool does NOT account for Defense or Kickers. The assumption is you can find valid replacement Defenses and Kickers on waivers based on matchups and the draft advantage would be canceled out by streaming Defenses and Kickers.

Where can you find the Season Projector?

Open your CBSSports.com league, click on "Tools" in the menu
Then click the "FFProjection" icon in the app bar (the 2nd in the example below)
cbs location image



How can it help me win my league?

The draft is probably the most important event of your fantasy football season. If you did well, it is nice to get a pat on the back. If you did poorly, it is even more important to know quickly so that you can rectify your poor draft results. By objectively looking at season projections, you can determine where you stand in the league relative to other players and make roster decisions accordingly.

What if I am having trouble with the app?

In the event that you run into issues or have concerns with the app, please contact us at FF Projection